A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for #remakejam. DMCA Beatdown is mechanically a remake of Doom 4: Super Double Chex Quest, but it's narrative picks up where D4SDCQ left off.


The story so far..

Twelve years ago a gang of copyrighted enemies conquered en-masse several stolen-asset streets. Three heroes™ vowed to end their terrible reign of public loitering. 

Doomguy and Chexquestguy hit the streets but there was no sign of their third partner. The duo soothed their fears with a radical high-five and headed Right... 

Finally, take control of the mysterious third!

Alucard can never show up on time thanks to his eternal slumbering.. but he's finally made it! Ready to battle evil with his bros!

Except... no one's here. The streets are peaceful again. That was 12 fucking years ago Alucard.

Install instructions

It's an executable jar... double-clicking it should work


DMCA-Beatdown-1.0.jar 90 MB